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Christmas Gem Proves it's

the Acoustic Soul Season

Just when you thought funk and soul couldn't get any more joyful, Acoustic Soul slides down the chimney with their infectious new holiday album "Close At Christmas." This groove-laced collection is guaranteed to add some much-needed charm and cheer to your festivities.


Tracks like "Christmas Time Is Here" and "Someday At Christmas" are bound to become new holiday party anthems. But it's not all about grooving under the mistletoe. The tender "Silent Night" beautifully captures the sacred stillness of the season, with harmonies blending like a warm blanket of soul.


Acoustic Soul's masterful musicianship and spiritual sensitivity makes for holiday music that truly resonates. From first note to last, "Close At Christmas" is a soulful funk wonderland - both reverent to the holiday's roots while breathing new life into it with free-flowing improvisation and lighthearted irreverence. You'll be basking in the warm glow of gratitude with these joyful sounds of the season!

℗ © 2022 Acoustic Soul, Emil Borgir. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. 

Acoustic Soul - Close at Christmas
You Flow Through Me Acoustic Soul

Blessings are rare in this world and there are many who suffer their absence. I send this album out into the world with the intention that it be a comfort to any whom might find it so. I was especially happy to have a chance to record “Someday At Christmas”. Introduced to me by Stevie Wonder on his 1967 Christmas collection, with great respect for the tradition that songs of this type come from, I offer this interpretation.

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Emil Borgir

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Live Drums, Melodica, MIDI programming, Drum Loops, Synth Strings


Brian Reinbolt

Fender Rhodes


John Gronberg

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Synth Strings

All horn arrangements


Courtney Little

Silver Flute


Alaya Borgir & Vivian Johnson

Additional Background Vocals On “O Christmas Tree”


Arranged, recorded, mixed, and produced by Emil Borgir

In keeping with the spirit of closeness and Christmas, here are some acknowledgments that I enthusiastically wish to express.


I would like to thank Brian Reinbolt, who has been beyond gracious. Coming over whenever we could work and laying in the keyboard tracks. He donated all his time and talent and without him I would never have been able to make this album happen on this level. I don’t know how to repay this kindness. Brian’s deep love for music inspires me to the point of veneration.


John Gronberg (all horns) is a close friend of 30 years. He’s my musical big brother, always encouraging me and putting me in a position to succeed. John drove down from Oregon to lay in the horns, would not take any payment, and stayed till we were done with the album. His arrangements, soulful muted trumpet and versatility with the flugel horn, trombone, and bari horn was amazing to witness,. The man is a phenom,…a true musician.


On the production side, Rob Holland, a life long friend and mentor who has always had my back even when I was young and stupid, has been a major influence in the final moments of this album. He spent hours and hours teaching me how to solve the mastering issues that came up (while sick with Covid 19!) There are few people of his calibre that have the patience to teach and give from as deep a well of generosity. Without Rob, this would not have reached the level of sonic stability that it has, not to mention how much he taught me in the process.


Emrys Mayell of Seventh Direction Films provided the photos that we used for the cover image, with cheerful intelligent generosity, giving his time and talent to the final stages of this album. Thank you my dear Emrys.


Holly Larsen, who is patient, kind, and giving, has been there at every turn. Never showing any stress as I change my mind over and again with artwork. Always finding ways to keep moving forward, it has been a blessing to have her at the helm. Holly does all the public interface, something I just don’t have the mind for.


To everyone who helped me with this album I need to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel infinitely fortunate to receive your love and efforts. I am fortunate to have people in my life that give so much and ask for so little.

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